Glisten has been instrumental in helping different clients with setting up the infrastructure and managing it from different cloud providers like:


Glisten has experience working on different services in AWS Cloud. Few of the AWS SERVICES USED AND MANAGED are as given below:

EC2                                               VPC MANAGEMENT

ELASTIC BEANSTALK                  IAM

CLOUDWATCH                              RDS

ELB                                                 CLOUDFORMATION

LAMBDA                                       CLOUDFRONT

S3                                                  ECS Clusters

ROUTE53                                      COGNITO

SQS                                                API Gateway


Glisten has been managing infrastructure for a client in MS Azure. Some of the tasks handled on MS Azure are:

  • Creating resource groups and VMs in different regions
  • storage mapping to VMs for needful application backups
  • External and internal load-balancers configuration and tuning
  • DR configuration using traffic gateway
  • application sites configuration
  • SQL store configuration


Experience working on building OpenStack cluster configuring different services of OpenStack like Keystone, Glance, Cinder, Nova, Dashboard, Neuron, Heat and Cielometer.

2+ years of experience managing OpenStack cluster and experience with upgrading OpenStack versions


  • Working on Docker since 3 years writing Docker files for custom image building.
  • Migrating application to micro-services architecture.
  • Docker registry configuration to local images in local environment.
  • Custom Docker network building with custom bridge for static IP address configuration for application specific requirements


  • Deploying Kubernetes cluster
  • managing application deployment in Kubernetes cluster
  • Transactional operations configuration
  • helm charts configuration and application deployment
  • writing custom pod, service and deployment configuration files