A startup company of enthusiasts from India working on upcoming and cutting edge technologies.

Sagar Shukla – CEO and Founder
Having 16+ years of IT experience working on upcoming trends and technologies like Cloud Computing, BigData, Enterprise Collaboration, Mail messaging, Server Administration, etc

Anjani Kumar – Cloud Architect
Having 10+ years of IT experience working on Cloud technologies around AWS and VMware.

Arvinda Shukla – COO and Founder
Retired Government Employee having tones of experience in management and Administration.

Technology Stack:

    • Cloud Computing
      • OpenStack
      • AWS
      • MS Azure
    • DataCenter automation
      • SaltStack
      • Puppet
      • MAAS
    • BigData
      • Hadoop
      • Cassandra
      • MongoDB
      • Mahut
    • Monitoring
      • Sensu
      • Nagios
      • Cacti
      • Custom Monitoring