Glisten has worked on various projects helping clients do configuration management or build CI/CD pipelines using different configuration management tools mentioned below:


We have worked extensively using Ansible to automate infrastructure configuration, enable monitoring, application configuration, etc. Wrote custom roles of Ansible, right from Infrastructure creation, Docker images configuration, services configuration, etc


Worked on writing SaltStack for OpenStack deployment, managing MapR Hadoop, Kafka and Zookeeper clusters, etc. Wrote salt APIs for custom automated deployment of application and pillars for data-center independent module writing.


Master-less puppet cluster for managing the infrastructure in baremetal and cloud.

TerraForm / Packer / Vault

Used Terraform to automate infrastructure creation in AWS and Azure. In AWS, worked on configuring various services like VPC creation, ECS cluster creation, application EC2 configuration, RDS configuration, API gateway configuration, VPC peering, etc. Wrote generic module architecture, such that different applications can re-use the code for optimized operation.


A Canonical product for OS installation on BareMetal servers using IPMI and different providers. Worked on different versions of it to be able to install Ubuntu, CentOS and Windows OS on baremetal servers.

Jenkins / CircleCI

Have been working on various Build management tools like Jenkins and CircleCI to build CI/CD pipeline and deployment pipeline for applications. Have worked on complex scenarios like build preparation, application deployment in Docker and Kubernetes clusters.